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We`re going for a ride!

Hello, everybody! sun How are you doing? It is
autumn but it`s still very hot and humid,
isn`t it? sunrainsun
I hope it cools down a little more!

Well, this month we have started learning
about vehicles. airplane ship rvcar bus train
Vroom vroom!
  Our kids love playing with vehicles, especially
ambulances, airplanes, and garbage trucks.

Today we played an exciting game that made all the
toddlers laugh, smile, and say "Yaysign03sign03" dogcoldsweats01

First, we chose a fire engine.
The children come to Eric and say, "Ride, please!"

Then they climb inside the fire engine.
"Make a mountain!" fuji
The kids say, "I get on the fire engine!"

...and we go zooming around the roomsign03
"Vroom vroomsign01 Zroom zroomsign01"

Next is the green bicycle.
"I get on the bicycle!"

Let`s go for a bicycle ride up the mountain...

...and down the mountain!

We all had a very fun time... but now I feel very hot! sunrunheart02

Well, I hope you have fun finding a Halloween costume.
It`s coming very soon! boutiquedramamoon3
See you latersign01sign03

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