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ABC Net Game and ... Actions Relay!

Greetings to all of you!
It is now officially summer sunrain... are you getting hot yet?
Remember to drink a lot of barley tea and eat tons of ice cream cherry.

This month we have been having fun playing a new
ABC game: Net Letter Hunt!

The children have to walk over to the net, lift it up,
and discover the hidden letters under the net.

What did you find? A? M? X? Show us, please!
Great job! You`re right, it`s E. High five!

`Show me a silly face!`

`Happy face! What, is that your happy face?!`

The next activity is a game about this month`s topic:
actions and movements! Let`s move!
Run! Jump! Swim! Walk!

Waiting...what shall we do?
`Jump! Jump! Jump!`

Good job, guys, you did it!

See you next week!

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