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ABC fun with clay

Hello, everyone! Are you having a good Spring?

Our class really enjoys ABCs...
and we also love to play with clay.
We thought, how about if we do both together?!
Sounds like fun!

First we all made long snakes out of clay.
Snakes aren`t scary if they`re made of clay, right?

After making snakes, we pushed
them onto our ABC cards.
S is for sun sun - and also snake!

Everybody focused so much
on their letters. Their concentration
was super-duper impressive!

Even I was fascinated
by this activity.
I had so much fun
playing with clay! happy01

Some kids tried a Van Gogh style,
using clay dots instead of snakes.
The monkey liked that!

Aren`t they wonderful?! good
Well done, toddlers!
Let`s try it again someday, okay?

See you tomorrow!

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