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Bowling Pins!

dramaWelcome everyone, notes
to the bowling club! baseball

sunWe played a round of bowling,
and it was super fun!

fishHow many pins can you get down ? down
There's a lot of different colors.cloud

eyeThe red pin is flying away.airplane
How many pins did you get ? smile

Amazingdash speedsign01is it a strike impact ?
It's tricky to roll the ball while standingpenguin

piscesGo go, bowling ball! baseball
chickHow many strikes
spares  did we get today? virgo

clubUntil next time ! happy01


Flying a witch's broom!

wobblySpooky time! wobbly

sunWe tried our flying abilities today, chick
and it went really good !notes

wink It takes a lot of practice
learning how to fly. eye
You've gotta hold on to your broomairplane

impact We're flying forwards!run
Soon you have to turn again confident

baseballYou can fly all the way around,shine
the world if you want.flag

It's really shiny and purple crown

shineYou never know where you're going
or what adventure might comecloud


See you all next time !


Row your boat!

fishWelcome to a sea adventure everyone!fish
fishPrepare for some big waves wave

sweat02You've gotta hold your partners hands firm. aries

smileRow row row your boat! ship
sungently down the stream